Preview of the next strip featuring another one Niall’s office meetings with a “twist.” Well pretty much anything featuring Niall’s work environment has a skewed view to it (curiouser and curiouser)

In all efforts in moving forward something will be posted; the comic or preview of the next or even make a sketch day.  Also, there is the vignettes of Jamal and Niall’s yesteryears.  So this is going to be a ongoing growing experience making This EMPIRE.

Good time to point out an interesting post of a comic I have been reading, “Keeping a Regular Comicking Schedule,” by Jamie Noguchi Yellow Peril

Last week July 20th – 24th was the annual San Diego Comic Convention.  A lot interesting things went on during; comic industry talks and presents, panel discussions (including film, and television), cosplay, awards (congrats to the winners)

Now a tender moment…







Isn’t that precious 😉

Thank you for reading, back to making comics.