In between regular postings here is a preview of the next comic.  The working title for this latest jaunt is One night with other friends.”  Just another night in the city with Niall and Jamal, well maybe.

“It’s always so interesting to learn how other artists work.”  I have yet to break down my process to share with others on how put a together a comic, hopefully the previews, thumbnails gives you a general idea how things go.

Here are several thoughts on process below:

Sean Gordon Murphy – “Old Submission”

  • Sean gives 18 year Sean a critique, hilarity ensues.
Kazu Kibuishi  – “Copper Step-by-Step”
  • Kazu gives a workshop tutorial on how he puts together his comic Copper.

Scott Kurtz – “Layers Upon Layers”

  • Scott shares a rare opportunity he got seeing someone else process.

They are plenty more people who shared their process in a similar manner, and I say thank you very much.  I will be sure to include them in future posts, maybe a post on my process.  Which is quite all-over the place 🙂

Thank you for reading, back to making comics