Good Grief,

If you’re reading this it means the odd (very odd) redirecting to “,” web site error has been corrected.  Word to the wise, thank goodness for having back ups.  I had to reformat the website to an earlier date version to correct the problem.  Always, always backup you work.

Pardon the inconvenience of not having a regular strip last week, and no sketch to make up for it.  I had a big presentation on Wednesday, and since I am not “yet” the master of time and space… Something had to give.  Afterward post-presentation I went on catching up on various items that went to the wayside.

Up for now is a sketch from the sessions I have been attending this one focusing on Jamal work for hire/ tempting status.  Also soon to be introduce character “Carter.” Just a little forewarning I could revamp “Carter” name and look when he enters the comic.  Currently the new strip is the works; I usually show a small thumbnail of it below, unfortunately, this one too far in works to be shown as a preview.

Thank you for reading.


It’s Wednesday – “My weekly comic book romance”