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Work  continues making more comics up above is one of the panels of comic 84

Draw, draw, draw

#SketchBomb-NC is a sketch group that meets weekly. What started as a couple of friends meeting to draw and appease their caffeine fix slowly turned into a open community. Drawings are drawn, coffee is imbibed, supplies/advice are shared, and the conversation never runs dry (no matter how dorky).

All are welcome to join whether you are an artist, art enthusiast, beginner, student, or your name is “Art.”We normally meet every Wednesday @ The Morning Times Cafe from 7pm- 10 pm. Justin Yang

I recently did a unfortunate massive upload of sketchs from previous sessions featuring sketches by Adrian StrockToddy-J. All apologies for the later than expected update things on my end a bit hectic.

SketchBomb-NC feel free to come out join the camaraderie.

Required reading

Gene Luen Yang’s rousing diversity speech at the 2014 National Book Festival gala.

Over the weekend, the acclaimed author Gene Luen Yang delivered a speech to an esteemed assemblage of National Book Festival gala guests and organizers and sponsors at the Library of Congress. On this eve of the 14th annual festival, the slate of great speakers included authors E.L. Doctorow, Nina Khruscheva and Kai Bird, who followed festival board co-chair David M. Rubinstein and Librarian of Congress Dr. James H. Billington to the stage. But the speaker who perhaps faced the highest hurdle in trying to win over the room was Yang. That’s because in some ways, he was more foreign to them. The reason:

He hailed from the world of comics.

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In Memoriam, “into memory”

Joan Rivers

1933 – 2014

NPR – Joan Rivers On Her Own Funeral: ‘I Want Paparazzi’

A collection of memorable interviews with the comedy queen, Joan Rivers, who passed away this week at the age of 81.

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